*LOCAL ONLY* Monthly Bulk Cracker Subscription

Jenny Marie's Cracker Co.

*LOCAL ONLY* Monthly Bulk Cracker Subscription

Sale price$30.00
Number of Months:1 Month

Finally, the monthly bulk cracker subscription you have been waiting for!! Only available to our local customers and only available for pick-up at our HQ in Rock Bay.

What you get:
- 3 jars filled with our crackers (approximately 130-140g of crackers per jar). Each month you will receive 3 flavours of our choice that are always delicious AND of course, always vegan.
- 1 Jar of Salt Spring Kitchen Co. preserves. The flavour will always compliment the cracker flavours.

How it works:
1)  You purchase either a 1, 3 or 6 month subscription. Your fist pickup will include a box as pictured (all materials are recyclable, returnable and/or compostable).
2) When you come get your next subscription, you return your cracker jars with lids and get filled jars in return as well as a jar of preserves!