Q: What are the main ingredients in your crackers?

A: The main ingredients we use are unbleached wheat flour, corn-free baking powder and olive oil. We also use various combinations of delicious spices to create our flavours.

Q Are ALL of your crackers vegan? Including the Cheese ones?

A: YES! We proudly use only plant based ingredients in all or our cracker recipes. The "cheese" crackers are made using nutritional yeast (yeshi)!

Q: Where can I find your crackers?

A: Aside from purchasing directly from us right here on our website or at the Moss Street market, you can also finds in various grocery stores and specialty shops around BC and other parts of Western Canada. Please go here for a complete list near you.

Q: I have a gathering and would like to place an order for large quantities, how do I do that?

A: If you wish to place a bulk order, you can order directly through our website! If you don't see a flavour you would like to have, please make your request in the 'Instructions' panel in your shopping cart and we will be in touch. These can either be picked up, delivered or shipped!

Q: Do you make gluten free crackers?

A: Unfortunately we do not. Being that we are wheat flour facility, we are not able to make a gluten free cracker - wheat flour is everywhere! We have been known to make crackers using only chickpea flour (which still very much includes wheat in whatever small percentage) on a rear occasion and sell at the Moss Street Market. Check our instagram page often as we will post on there when we have them available.

Q: How do I recycle the new packaging?

A: Our new cracker bags are recyclable when returned to the proper recycling centres. In Victoria there is Island Return It in Esquimalt or Ellas Recycle Ltd. You can check Recycle BC for a complete list of locations to recycle in your area, outside BC, please check your local recycling depots.

Q: Why did you switch from boxes to bags?

A: Our main reason is food waste. We put a lot of hard work and love in our crackers, and when we hear that a retailer had to throw out expired product, it broke our hearts. So we knew a change was in order so we did a lot of research to find the perfect option for us. We knew a bag was the way to go, so we hoped we could do compostable. There are options, but compostable bags can't be processed in BC and as a compostable bag, for various reasons it can't in turn be recycled. So, this existing option was the best. The bags are recyclable, but requires a little leg work to do so as they can't go in your blue bin. If you ever have trouble finding a proper recycling channel, please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to do our best to help.