Small batch crackers baked with love…

In 2011 Jenny Marie’s was born from a love of baking instilled in me by both of my grandmothers growing up in St. John’s, Newfoundland. It is there where  I learned the importance of creating really good food using really good ingredients.

After moving to Victoria, I found myself back in the kitchen to reconnect with my roots and to feel more at home. Ben (my husband) encouraged me to start selling at a local farmers market, so I did with many different products. The crackers were the thing people kept coming back for, I knew that’s where I needed to focus my creative energy. 

Our crackers are baked fresh to order, are naturally vegan and addictively delicious! Enjoy them topped with all the things, or nothing at all. Play with flavour combos - top our Pepper & Sea Salt crackers with strawberry jam (yes, really!) and our Lime & Pepper crackers with loads of guac, hummus or maybe even cranberry sauce- we’ve tried it and we LOVE it. The pairings are endless and limitless, so have fun!


Our Staff (photos coming soon)

Erica: Our head baker + Kitchen Manager

Anita: Head packager + Order Assembler

Danica: Baker + Packager

Jennie: Baker + Packager

Lisa: Baker + Market Sales

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